Client Services

Preparation of Annual Accounts for Small Companies Partnerships and Sole-traders

We convert summary information into accounts in acceptable form, making checks and relying on the client's explanations as needed.

We review accounts with the client to check interpretations and ensure accuracy.

For small businesses we can record individual transactions, making bookkeeping entries as necessary.

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Completion of tax return forms or on-line entry on client's behalf

We deal with Corporation Tax returns, partnership tax returns, individual self-assessment tax returns.

We also do annual payroll returns and VAT returns.

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Preparation of Management Accounts

We can provide reporting through the year monthly or quarterly.

We investigate anomalies while they are recent.

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Budget Preparation

We can help clients to clarify plans and quantify their financial impact.

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General Business and Financial Advice

We can discuss trends revealed by accounts to point to possible actions.

We offer advice as needed by clients from time to time.

We have given guidance to many people starting up in business.

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Annual accounts are required to meet statutory requirements and form basis of tax returns.

You as the client are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the accounts and we help you to achieve this.

Bookkeeping is an extra service which we can offer you.

Tax returns are required to comply with tax regulations and deadlines.

Providing up to date monitoring is key for control of performance.

Management accounts can make it much easier to do annual accounts.

By keeping your forecasts and plans up to date you can anticipate trouble and respond quickly.

Providing support and advice when needed can help reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Hodson Associates, Chartered Management Accountants, is an accounting firm providing services mainly to small & medium-sized businesses & professionals. Our services cover annual accounts, tax returns, management accounts, help with planning & budgets, advice for business start up & established businesses.

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